A few words from industry professionals

Sally Cha

Sally Cha
(Ju Gyeong Cha)
Coffee Director, Edition Denmark
COE International Judge

“I’ve met the beautiful coffee of Mikava for the first time at the 2019 Colombian Cup Of Excellence where I was an international judge for the event. I could instantly taste the beautiful complexity in their Gesha followed by a pronounced yet delicate acidity with lots of berries, peach, and floral notes. Not only was it the highest-scoring Colombian natural coffee but perhaps one of the best Colombian coffees I have ever tasted. Mikava is a very enterprising farm. Their Ethiopian coffee shows complex and sophisticated notes like oolong tea, cardamom spices, mulled wine, floral, and blackberry this year.”

Jonathan Fan
2018 Hong Kong Cup Tasters Champion

Jonathan Fan
Jonathan Fan
Photo credit - WCE

“I first encountered Mikava coffee at the COE cupping last year. It was the best coffee I have ever cupped in Colombian COE cuppings. I was blown away by all the complex and elegant flavors and silky body. It had flavors of mango, jasmine, peach nectar, pineapple, jasmine, very sweet and transparent. It is the most elegant and cleanest carbonic maceration natural Gesha I have ever tasted and I am looking forward to using it in my upcoming competitions.”

Nikolai Fürst
2019 German Cup Tasters Champion
Desarrollador de Café

“We met Paul at a coffee festival in Armenia in 2018. Immediately we fell in love with his beautiful coffees before he was famous ;-). We also were lucky enough to meet his son Kevin. They are passionate about growing high-end specialty coffee. The first time we went to the farm we felt the passion for quality that those two have. There is no space for compromise; that includes hard work, innovative processing, hundreds of try outs and tuning and tweaking every day when coffee is harvested to improve the coffee furthermore. We love their Gesha and Ethiopian varieties.
We love the cleanliness, the crispy fruity acidity, the smooth creamy body (which is not usual in Gesha variety!) and depending on fermentation environment and time, flavors from raspberry, lychee, bergamot, watermelon, roses, honey, papaya and other tropical delicacies.
We recommend Mikava for any coffee nerd like us. Try the flavor and fall in love at first sip.”

Daniel Horbat
2019 World Cup Tasters Champion
Sumo Coffee Roasters

Daniel Horbat

“A pleasure to collaborate with Mikava. Paul Doyle is a pro in what he is doing, a man with real passion for the craft of producing coffee. The product that comes out of his hands is pure magic, also shown by his numerous achievements. We fell in love with his natural Gesha, so much that we decided to launch our roastery with it. Mikava’s outstanding coffee and Paul’s professionalism are a great combination for success; and this is what made us source the second coffee from his farm, a washed Gesha, to include in our “tropical” Christmas boxes. I can’t recommend him and his farm enough, and we are overly excited to try more beans from him.”

Leo Jinlong Li

Leo Jinlong Li
2020 China Brewers Cup Champion
Coffee Commune

“I tried Mikava’s coffee and fell in love with it. It has a very clean, sweet and unique blueberry flavor. I have used it to win various competitions in China and look forward to using Mikava’s coffee to participate in the next Chinese Brewers Cup finals this year.”

Francesco Masciullo
2017 Italian Barista Champion
2020 Italian Barista Championship, Second Place
Ditta Artigianale

Francesco Masciullo

“In 2020 I had the pleasure to taste one of the best coffee I tried in my life. An Ethiopian variety cultivated in Colombia by Mikava. It blows my mind; it was super floral with a tangerine acidity, and it was super delicate. My roaster and I looked at each other and we smiled together, this was my coffee. I decided to enter the Italian Barista Championship with this incredible coffee. Soon, I’ll compete again, with another coffee produced by Mikava.. stay tuned.”

Angie Katherine Molina

Angie Katherine Molina
2020 Sprudge Top Twenty
Co-Founder Insignia Coffee

“Having the opportunity to see and taste Mikava’s amazing coffees has been a whole new experience during my coffee career. Being able to use and share these marvelous coffees at the competition stage has been the best opportunity to explore, represent and enhance the hard work behind every process. I’m proud of the constant work that Paul and his son have put in these unique coffees.”

Goda Pangonyte
2019 Lithuania Barista Champion
Italala Caffè

Goda Pangonyte

“I remember tasting coffee from Mikava for the first time on the cupping table. Usually during cupping my colleagues and I quietly cup coffee and then discuss what we tasted. But as soon as we tried the Ethiopian Heirloom varietal from Mikava, we couldn’t hold our excitement and in the middle of the session everyone was saying, wow! What is that? The complexity of mandarin orange, dried cherries and an amazing chocolate finish, left us speechless.”

Luisa Fernanda Quintero
2018 Colombian Roasting Champion
Director of Quality, Campesino Coffee

“A couple of years ago at ExpoCafe Colombia in Bogotá, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Doyle from Mikava, and since then I have had the opportunity to try his incredible Gesha with my friend Sebastian Romero.
My favorite is the Gesha Natural, a coffee that does not have to envy other greats. Its notes of lavender, orange blossom and fruits make a complex coffee, its creamy body like a yogurt, its bright acidity and a long finish.
As a Colombian roaster I feel fortunate to be able to taste this type of coffee in my country.”

Søren SYlvest
Coffee Ambassador, COOP Denmark
COE International Judge

“A couple of days after the Colombia CoE 2019 finals, I made a visit to Mikava Coffee. Impressive to learn about Paul Doyle’s story and his strive for uniqueness in the coffee production.
Relocating to Colombia to start growing coffee might be what a lot of coffee people in other countries only dream of. Entering the Cup of Excellence and winning the competition is unprecedented. It was the second highest scoring coffee in my career.
Dreams can come through – if you work hard and believe them!”

Sebastian Romero Villamil
Quality Assurance Engineer, Equation Coffee

“In the world of coffee, it is not common to find coffee lovers, coming from countries called the first world… travel to countries called the third world, fall in love with their culture… much less cultivate those lands. Now, it is less common for them to grow and produce coffee of such high quality as the friends of Mikava do. Great job that they do with the Colombian coffee!”

Geoff Watts
Intelligentsia, Vice President of Coffee

Geoff Watts

“Paul Doyle and the Mikava team, produced a stunner of a coffee that broke new ground. It was the first coffee from the department of Risaralda to win top honors at the Colombia Cup of Excellence (CoE), and the first natural-processed from anywhere in Colombia to accomplish that feat. Most impressively, it did so by scoring higher than any coffee in the history of the Colombia competition, with an average score of 92.71.
To put that in perspective, over the 20-year history of the CoE and more than 100 individual competitions in one dozen countries, there are only a small handful of coffees that have broken the 92 barrier. To do so with a new farm, with only a few years in full production, is entirely without precedent. And to produce a natural coffee so convincingly clean it emerged as the clear consensus winner among a group of world class washed Colombian coffees is a testament to the work that Paul and his team put into managing the process so carefully.
Coffee from Mikava is the result of deliberate craftsmanship married to favorable growing conditions that in combination allow this Geisha variety to show what it is capable of, like a peacock dazzling us with its display of color.”

Roger Zapata

Roger Gonzalez Zapata
2020 Irish Cup Taster Championship, 3rd place
Founder, Los Cafés del Arriero

“I feel like a kid at Christmas time just before every new coffee harvest, waiting to have a mind-blowing experience tasting coffees produced by Mikava.
Paul Doyle is not only one of the best coffee producers I personally know, he also became one of my mentors and a great friend. His passion and dedication for his craft can be enjoyed in every cup of coffee they produce. I was told by my clients that Mikava’s coffees have been by far one of the best coffees they have had. I’m very happy and honored to have the opportunity to drink their amazing coffees.”