Gesha Marsella


Raspberry, blueberry, jasmine, orange, cocoa nibs


Variety: Gesha

Process: Natural, extended double fermentation, carbonic maceration (CM). Solar aerobic slow dry (SASD) on raised beds.

Farm: Marsella – 1750 Meters

Cup profile: Raspberry, blueberry, jasmine, orange, cocoa nibs

Roast: Light, whole bean

Weight: 250g, also available in 113g bag

In 2020 Gesha Marsella took first place in the Colombian Yara Champion coffee competition and the Gesha Santuario placed a hot second. Our Team at the Marsella farm work year-round caring for these trees preparing for each year’s harvest. We also receive much help from the biodiversity of shade grown trees and Mother Nature delivering her support. During the rainy season lightning storms occur on a regular basis providing nitrites through rain further enriching the soil. This harmonious ensemble works together to create the unique environment that produces this distinct coffee.

When first ground, aromas of green grape and plum fill the air. As you start to brew, you will notice as the water hits the bed notes of cherry and jasmine will start to emerge. You will find similar notes in the taste. In the cup, as it’s hot, a distinct raspberry note will emerge, which transforms into blueberry and jasmine as it cools. The sweetness is dense and tastes of dried fruits and milk chocolate. These flavors linger long after you’re done drinking. You will notice this coffee coats your mouth, in the same way a nice dessert wine will.