Gesha Santuario


Raspberry, plum wine, jasmine, floral, juicy sweetness, medium body


Variety: Gesha

Process: Natural, extended double fermentation, carbonic maceration (CM). Solar aerobic slow dry (SASD) on raised beds.

Farm: Santuario – 2000 Meters

Cup profile: Raspberry, plum wine, jasmine, floral, juicy sweetness, medium body

Roast: Light, whole bean

Weight: 250g, also available in 113g bag

In 2019 this farm made its mark in the coffee industry by breaking the record for the highest-scoring coffee to win the Colombian Cup of Excellence, a competition considered the “Oscars” of the coffee world. With an average score of 92.71 this was also the first time a natural process coffee won.

Our farm is located in a protected bowl on the side of a mountain in the Andes Mountain range. Cooler temperatures in this microclimate provide higher sugar content and higher bean density aiding in the fermentation and processing to achieve these complex and unique flavors.

Santuario Gesha is elegant and aromatic. Upon grinding you will notice a mixture of apricot and red cherry. Then, as the water hits the grounds for the first-time, new aromas of red wine, raspberry and jasmine will be released. The aromatics transfer to the cup. As you are first tasting you will taste those raspberry and jasmine notes but also notes of blueberry and plum start to emerge. As the cup cools, these flavors become clearer, and notes of jasmine and dried strawberries start to join in and linger long after you’re done tasting, coating your mouth like a raspberry sorbet.