‚ÄúPaul, along with his son Kevin havemastered their craft. Fine tuning thenuances of each aromatic blend theyroast.‚ÄĚ

Roasted From The Heart

Noe, a long time dear friend and partner of Paul, manages the farms and staff daily. Teaching them the secrets of tending, turning and using they’re five senses to unlock each bean's flavor potential. Helping Paul plant each tree by hand, and the neighboring shade trees around them. Paul and Kevin have mastered their craft. Fine tuning the nuances of each aromatic blend they roast.

Exquisite Flavor Delivered Fresh

We believe delicate and complex flavors that enrapture your senses from the moment the aromas hit your nose and embrace your palette is the best tasting coffee‚Äďperiod! Our beans are carefully roasted and shipped directly to your door from our Historic Colonial pueblo in Marsella.