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Santuario Gesha #113 (Innovation Series)


Mikava Gesha Estates


Marsella Gesha #108 (Innovation Series) roasted 5/17


“I’ve met the beautiful coffee of Mikava for the first time at the 2019 Colombian Cup Of Excellence where I was an international judge for the event. I could instantly taste the beautiful complexity in their Gesha followed by a pronounced yet delicate acidity with lots of berries, peach, and floral notes. Not only was it the highest-scoring Colombian natural coffee but perhaps one of the best Colombian coffees I have ever tasted. Mikava is a very enterprising farm. Their Ethiopian coffee shows complex and sophisticated notes like oolong tea, cardamom spices, mulled wine, floral, and blackberry this year.”

Coffee Director, Edition Denmark Coe International Judge

“A pleasure to collaborate with Mikava. Paul Doyle is a pro in what he is doing, a man with real passion for the craft of producing coffee. The product that comes out of his hands is pure magic, also shown by his numerous achievements. We fell in love with his natural Gesha, so much that we decided to launch our roastery with it. Mikava’s outstanding coffee and Paul’s professionalism are a great combination for success; and this is what made us source the second coffee from his farm, a washed Gesha, to include in our “tropical” Christmas boxes. I can’t recommend him and his farm enough, and we are overly excited to try more beans from him.”

2019 World Cup Tasters Champion Sumo Coffee Roasters

““A couple of days after the Colombia CoE 2019 finals, I made a visit to Mikava Coffee. Impressive to learn about Paul Doyle’s story and his strive for uniqueness in the coffee production. Relocating to Colombia to start growing coffee might be what a lot of coffee people in other countries only dream of. Entering the Cup of Excellence and winning the competition is unprecedented. It was the second highest scoring coffee in my career. Dreams can come through – if you work hard and believe them!”

Coffee Ambassador, Coop Denmark Coe International Judge

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