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3 Tips to Squeezing Maximum Flavor Out of Your Coffee

by Mikava Coffee 03 Dec 2022

Coffee has been a staple in modern society and even mob bosses like Frank Costello love their coffee. 

What most don’t know is that the ideal cup of coffee is affected by more than just buying the top 1% of coffee such as Mikava, but it also matters how you handle the coffee at every step. 

First of all, the roasting process creates CO2 in the coffee beans. This gas needs to escape the beans. Freshly roasted beans that have been in packaging need time to off-gas to achieve premium flavor. That’s why coffee that has been roasted for anywhere from 1-3 weeks is at its peak in flavor. That’s why step one is to know the roast date and aim to enjoy the coffee in that time frame.   Coffee that is several months old can become stale and lose the juicy flavors that you were expecting to taste in a cup of Mikava. 

Mikava Coffee

Secondly, after you have check the roast date, you want to make sure that you grind the beans to the appropriate level of coarseness to suit your brewing option. The fiber the grind the higher the extraction rate in the brew process. Espresso can be ground very fine because the filter in the brewer can handle the fine grind. But in a pour over, if you used this fine of a grind it would clog your filter and slow the extraction. 

Which leads us to step three!  The rate of extraction. In typical drip or pour over brewing you want to have the brew time completed within about 2 minutes. If it takes too long, the coffee can become bitter, so the faster the better. We sell Sibarist Fast Filters in our store to provide our customers with the ideal brewing conditions. 

Bonus Tip!!  

The quality of your water is HUUUGE in the success of your brew. You will find in each shipment of Mikava a Perfect Water mineral packet. This is intended to be mixed with distilled water to produce the perfect tasting water for the ideal cup of coffee. 

Brew your cup like a boss with the combo of Mikava Distinctive Coffee, Perfect Coffee Water, and Sibarist Filters!  Even The Godfather would be jealous!

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